Our offer

We provide clients with comprehensive service – from commercial contact, through complete construction and production processes, to the testing and launching the mold at client’s place.

The scope of our activity includes:

  • modifications of injection molds up to 25 tons
  • production of new injection molds up to 7-8 tons
  • repair and regeneration of injection molds
  • mold service at customer’s place
  • milling and EDM of elements up to 6 tons
New injection molds
Mold modifications
Repairs and regenerations
CAD/CAM design
Small-batch production
Other services
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Throughout the production production, everything – even the smallest elements – must work seamlessly. Any problem can have a painful impact on the company’s results. That is why it is worth having a trusted partner who will support you with every challenge. This is who we are – we offer not only a wide range of services, but also the highest quality, flexibility and professional customer service. Do you want to check what we can offer you?

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