About our company

Toolmax sp. z o.o. was established in 2011 in response to market demand for precise and professional service of injection molds.

Thanks to the determination and experience of the entire team and our customers’ trust, we have developed dynamically and established our position on the market.

At the beginning of 2017, we moved to a newly built headquarters in Białe Błota, which allowed us to increase production capacity. Currently, we employ about 50 employees with many years of experience in the production and operation of injection molds, and the investments we have made allow us to handle molds weighing up to 20 tons.

We provide our clients with comprehensive service – from commercial contact, through complete construction and production processes, to testing and launching the mold at the client’s place.

We have a precise strategy, a bold approach to investments and awareness of changing market needs. The optimal organisational structure and innovative approach allow for quick decision making. We focus on professional service, comprehensive operation and flexibility towards customer expectations.

The recipients of our products and services are customers from the Polish and global markets, mainly from the automotive, household appliances, construction and electronics industries

We offer:


of injection molds up to 20 tons


of new injection molds up to 20 tons


and regeneration of injection molds


of molds at the customer’s place

Milling services

(pieces up to 15 tons) and EDM (pieces up to 6 tons)

Laser welding and engraving
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Throughout the production production, everything – even the smallest elements – must work seamlessly. Any problem can have a painful impact on the company’s results. That is why it is worth having a trusted partner who will support you with every challenge. This is who we are – we offer not only a wide range of services, but also the highest quality, flexibility and professional customer service. Do you want to check what we can offer you?

We have a modern machinery at our disposal

We have modern machinery, which we regularly develop and improve. This ensures the highest quality of services and guarantees customer satisfaction with the projects entrusted to us.

All this allows us to compete with the best players on the market.

Only the best create reality, which is why we focus on professional service, comprehensive operation and a flexible approach to customer expectations.
The optimal organisational structure allows for quick decision-making and dynamic response to changes on the market.

ul. Narzędziowa 6
86-005 Białe Błota
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