Quality policy

Toolmax’s utmost goal is to be identified with the high quality of the products and services offered, made in accordance with customers’ needs, and at the same time with care for the natural environment and safe and hygienic working conditions.

The brand we have developed is the result of using high-class, modern machinery and equipment as well as the knowledge and experience of our team. Flexibility, focus on quality and a guarantee of support at every stage of the project allow us to build long-term relationships and an individual customer approach.

We apply the ISO 9001 2015 quality management system, which makes us a reliable partner in terms of quality and reliability. The certificate improves the processes
carried out in the company through the full and conscious involvement of all employees in meeting the criteria of the ISO standard.

Our goals are:
  • maintain customer trust and satisfaction
  • modernise equipment and production methods
  • continuous training and improvement of qualifications of all employees
  • proper selection and partnership approach towards suppliers
  • environmental protection and work safety
  • multi-stage quality control of products at every stage of implementation


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