New molds

Through cooperation with demanding customers, we are still developing and trying to always be one step ahead with technical solutions. We design and manufacture injection molds for customers
representing various industries, mainly: automotive, household appliances, construction, lighting and electronics.

Our molds
  • The molds we create are distinguished by accuracy, durability and strength. We use the latest technological solutions. Our modern machinery consists of a number of machines and devices making the production run smoothly and carefully.
  • We make serial, small-batch and prototype slide injection molds weighing up to 20 tons using cold and hot runner systems.
  • In the field of tools with a hot-runner system, we most often use the following heating systems: SYNVENTIVE, HRS, YUDO, INCOE, THERMOPLAY, MOLD MASTERS

The execution of individual elements of the injection mold construction is carried out in close contact with the customer. We make every effort to meet all expectations. We use self-control measures
at every possible stage of implementation.

We also offer prototype injection molds for short production runs. It is a perfect solution that allows you to check
the correctness of design solutions or choose the right type of material, and the cost of manufacturing such a tool is much lower compared to a production injection mold.

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Throughout the production production, everything – even the smallest elements – must work seamlessly. Any problem can have a painful impact on the company’s results. That is why it is worth having a trusted partner who will support you with every challenge. This is who we are – we offer not only a wide range of services, but also the highest quality, flexibility and professional customer service. Do you want to check what we can offer you?

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