Low volume production

  • 3D printing (SLA)
  • Vacuum Casting (PU)
  • Injection molds (prototype and low volume)
  • Assembly / finishing
3D printing (SLA)

Are you planning to start series production, but you are not sure about your solution?

As the first step in our range of prototype solutions, we can offer you 3D printing in SLA technology. Thanks to this solution, your prototypes will be ready in a short period of time, and you will be able to test your product.

Vacuum Casting (silicone mold casting)

Another solution we propose is vacuum casting using silicone molds (Vacuum Casting). Vacuum Casting technology is ideal for small-batch and prototype production. It allows you to obtain functional elements that will match the properties of injection molded products. Thanks to such a production process, the customer does not incur high costs of tools, which would be inadequate to the number of ordered elements. Vacuum casting makes it possible to obtain about 20 castings from a flexible mold at a relatively low cost. Thanks to cooperation with material suppliers, we are able to offer a wide range of thermoplastic simulants, such as: PP, PE, ABS, PA, PA with glass fibre, PC, PMMA and rubber materials.

The maximum size of the flexible mold is 750x900x750 mm.

The maximum workpiece weight is 5000 g.

Low volume/prototype injection molds

As the last step in the prototype/small-series production, we offer our proprietary injection mold solution. It is an ideal solution for companies that do not have their own machinery or an injection molding plant, and plastic elements are necessary in their production. All you have to do is provide us with the specification of the product you want to produce. The process of managing the “life” of the tool and holding production remains in our hands, and you receive the final product ready for use or for further assembly.

The maximum size of forming inserts is 400×400 mm.

Suitable for series from 100 pieces.

Assembly / finishing

Our offer is complemented by finishing processes:

  • assembly of plastic components,
  • installation of threaded studs / threaded sleeves up to size M10,
  • laser engraving,
  • varnishing of product surfaces


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